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By Lola Lhamo for Mental Awareness Month.

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It has been hidden from us for centuries, that Sound represents sacred geometry… This universal knowledge was prominent among Egyptians, Pythagoras, Indians, Tibetans, ancient Islamic world, and China, and taught at schools and Universities… Pythagoras was the pioneer in sharing the idea that the universe was a “celestial” or “divine” monochord of vibratory energy from which all things resonated into being, he was studying the geometry of music to understand the cosmic laws. Sound is vibrations, their geometry contains golden spiral, surrounding us in nature, plants and galaxies formations, and a golden ratio, on basis of which our cells, body and all nature are created. Sacred geometry and harmony are part of us or let me say, we are made of sacred geometry and harmonics. This is powerful knowledge which frees our mind through realization of perfection we are, yet it’s not being taught in schools and Universities up to now. When we are unaware how perfect our mind and body are, when we don’t appreciate our inner perfection and harmony, what kind of inner and outer world can we create?

Screen Shot 2019-05-27 at 12-06-21


Fibonacci sequence and Golden ratio in human embryo, shell and the galaxy.


Sacred geometry in Roman broccoli, pine-nut and sun-flower.


Sacred geometry of a Star in sound harmonics, Vetruvian Man of Leonardo da Vinci and in apple.  Interesting, that ironically or not an apple has been made the symbol of sin perhaps to destruct us from grasping the meaning of its universal perfection.

Practice: start noticing this harmony around you in nature every day.

Disturbing thoughts in our mind are like disturbing sounds, joyful and happy thoughts are like the music which brings us to peace. Can sound be indeed that gateway, which reconnects us to our true nature?

The answer has been “Yes” for many centuries. Let’s look deeper into it. We are made of vibrations, in fact being our own “unheard” human symphony – each our cell is vibrating on its own frequency, creating tissues and organs and body systems, and by universal wish we grow from one little cell to embryo, to child and to an adult, miracle in itself. If we look at cellular level, when in a state of joy and harmony, the cells form true mandalas of connections, however when in a state of stress, the tensions appear, which result in chaos and disconnection, followed by dis-harmony and dis-ease. Have you listened to uncoordinated orchestra? That is the state which represents disharmonic mind.

Take a look at Dr Emoto research on impacting water molecules with intentions and emotions. First photo is “Love and Gratitude”, second is “Eternal”, and third is “You disgust me”. Following this research we can conclude that as human body is made of water molecules up to 90% – by feeling those emotions we impact our molecular structure in the same way. How many times you said to yourself “I don’t like myself today”? This way you destroy your own harmony and not only emotionally but also on cellular level. How many times did you say to yourself “I love you”?

Practice: every time you feel down, come back to feeling of Gratitude to the moment and Love to yourself, by this you bring back mandalas to your being.

To fully grasp the idea that you are made of energy, vibrating atomic particles, I have to invite you to look from two perspectives. It has become my joyful hobby to connect scientific point of view with sacred yogic texts.

Take a look at the quote from Max Planck, Nobel prize in physics:

“Having studied the atom, I am telling you that there is no matter as such. All matter arises and persists only due to a force that causes the atomic particles to vibrate, holding them together in the tiniest of solar systems, the atom.”

And here is the quote from Yoga-Vāsiṣṭha (6 BC-7 CE), Supreme Yoga text.

“Who, though a conscious being, is a stone? Who paints pictures in the sky? In which atom, the world exists just as a tree in a seed?”


There are many ways ancient masters of Yoga and Mindfulness approached the problem of disharmony. The quickest ones are by path of realization the nature of perfection within us through instruments we are given by nature:

– Breathing: becoming aware of Prana or Chi, life force, flowing through our body, just by observing the breath and learning to direct or expand inhalation and exhalation;

– Sound: singing or humming, with the power of our voice creating harmonising vibrations flowing through the body. Good to know, that when we chant we expand and direct our breath, prana, by this charging ourselves with life-force. If you add to this singing practice also visualisations of gratitude and joy you will be in a state of perfect harmony just within few minutes of chanting.

Many people were made to believe that they don’t have their own voice, feeling shy to express themselves. What if I tell you that your voice is your unique blueprint, and there are already scientific organisations which can determine the state of your health by analysing the frequencies of your voice, as well as can improve the health of your body by giving you to listen the frequencies your voice lack, and as a result of listening your organs get back to a healthy state. For example, Nasa held an experiment: due to lack of gravity in space bones of cosmonauts were deteriorating. Spacemen were given to listen “frequency of the bones” which sent the right signals to the brain, and after return on Earth their bones were functioning well. Would this encourage you to listen to your voice more, sing more and listen to the music which brings you back the harmony?

When we talk about harmonic mind and healthy mental state very often we mean the state of relaxation, peace within ourselves. In Yoga there are directions of Nidra Yoga (yogic sleep) and Nada Yoga (yoga of reconnecting to inner sound), which have common scientifically proven elements in them – impacting the brain waves to change from stressful Beta range to Alpha, Delta and Theta. For centuries doctors and shamans were using their voice and ancient instruments to heal the body, mind and soul. How? Now we can explain this spiritual phenomenon scientifically. Sound of voice and ancient instruments contains the overtones and binaural rhythms which entrain the brain, bringing the state of deep relaxation. When the brain is functioning on Alpha, Delta, Theta waves, it sends harmonic signals to glands and all body systems, by this bringing balance to all functions of mind and body, same as a talented conductor in a state of inspiration directs the orchestra of many musicians towards performing the masterpiece in harmony with each other.

It’s through sacred geometry of sound that we reconnect to sacred geometry or harmony within ourselves. There are many instruments we can work or co-create with. Let me focus on one of the most commonly spread ancient instruments which I have been working with and studying with my students for many years – singing bowls. You can see crystal and Himalayan singing bowls now almost in every yoga studio and spa, however they also start taking their important place in hospitals, hospices, charity organisations supporting women, children, elderly, and even military organisations working with post-traumatic stress. If you’ve ever experienced the sound of the bowls, you understand why…

It’s my favourite moment to observe how people change when I strike the bowl – they always seem to “come back” to themselves, their core, forgetting the worries and feeling the bliss in present moment. Many people are enchanted by the sound of the bowls and feel deep connection with their heart, many start smiling…

With my students we studied the impact of the bowls in sound therapy sessions through physical vibration of the bowl placed on the body and through acoustic sound bath and have hundreds of case-studies confirming their harmonic and vibrational healing properties. Vibrations of the bowls release physical pains, optimise the work of organs and body systems, normalise heart activity, blood pressure, boost immune system. Sound of the bowls balances nervous system, brain activity, and as a result – all body. We studied the impact of the bowls’ sound on the brain in the lab with EEG, and the results were fascinating, confirming the change from Beta to Alpha waves and into the state of deep relaxation. Even more delightful is that the session with the singing bowls improves health parameters both for the patient and the sound therapist, as they both being impacted by the sound and vibration.

If you touch upon how Vibroacoustic therapy with the bowls actually works we could in a way connect it with the philosophy behind Chinese medicine and Acupuncture without needles though it would be accompanied by celestial music. Deep vibrations of the bowls release physical blockages in the body, normalising energy and fluids flow, optimising the work of organs and systems, and with the sound – balancing the brain activity and harmonising the cells work. We do believe that sound is the future medicine, and while observing incredible cases of physical healing, as well as wonderful results of curing stress, anxiety, PTSD and emotional traumas, restoring mental peace, we encourage all those engaged into post-traumatic work and mental health, yoga and meditation teachers, psychotherapists and nurses, energy healers and just common public to give more attention to sound therapy and sound, being powerful tool in realigning to our inner harmony.

If you don’t yet have a singing bowls or feel shy singing – just start your healing practice with humming favourite song in the moments of feeling disharmony and take a decision to switch from “heavy” thoughts into feeling of gratitude.  Our true nature is perfection and when we see it around us and within us – it brings harmony and joy to every moment of being.

Photos from Sound Energy Medicine course

If you wish to learn more about Sound Energy Medicine, Neuroscience and Mind Yoga for mental health, participate in or organise certified course on Sound Energy Medicine, please, contact Lola Lhamo.

Lola created Vibroacoustic Therapy Association to bring awareness about the power of sound, teaching Sound Therapy courses worldwide for yoga teachers and energy healers, psychotherapists and clinicians, merging latest scientific research in sound and vibrational medicine with sacred yogic scriptures. At the moment over 100 graduates share Sound Therapy at hospitals, hospices, charity organisations for children and disabled, military, centres for post-traumatic support, in yoga and meditation classes, Reiki and other massage therapies.

It takes 2 days to complete Level 1 course which would give necessary skills to become sound therapist and start integrating sound healing with singing bowls to Yoga and Meditation classes, psychotherapy, counselling and other therapy works. On Level 1 we learn the foundations of sound therapy, science behind healing with vibration and sound, sound massage with 1-2 bowls, and sound bath with 4 & 7 bowls. Level 2 is for those willing to dive deeper into harmonics and sacred geometry, the power of voice and overtone chanting. Level 3 is in-depth study of working with energy meridians and various body and mind disbalances.

Next courses are:

15-16 June, 14-15 September 2019 Course in London (Level 1) ( link to the course)

24-27 May 2019 during Tuscany Neuroscience, Yoga & Sound Retreat (Level 2) (link to Retreat)

22-29 September 2019 during Tuscany Neuroscience Yoga & Sound Retreat (Levels 1-2) (link to Retreat)

2020: Level 2-3 in London

Lola Lhamo has connection with yoga and energy healing from childhood. Life brought her meetings with wonderful teachers, Indian yogis and Tibetan lamas… Lola helped building Enlightenment Stupa at Roerich Museum, travelled with Tibetan lamas to India and Nepal to Buddhist monasteries and place of power, participated at World Congress on Psychology and Spirituality in India… Lola learned the techniques of working with energy, sound and vibration from Tibetan lamas and other masters of energy healing and yoga, and after 25 years of practice created Yoga & Sound Energy Medicine programme – sacred practices of energy medicine, combining yoga, mindfulness, sound and vibrational healing.

Lola integrates knowledge of Himalayan Hatha & Kriya Yoga, Tibetan Mind Yoga and Neuropsychology, Pranayama and Meditation, Sound Energy Medicine and healing with the power of voice and Himalayan Singing Bowls, Qi Gong and Cosmic Healing, – transformational practices, reconnecting to our true nature, developing capacity to manage inner energy for healing and wholeness.

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