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There are several options to become a member of the Vibroacoustic Therapy Association:

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  2. If you are working specialist in Vibroacoustic Therapy or the person interested in VA Therapy you may consider Full Membership at the Association (fill in the form below).
  3. Becoming Board Member and participating in organisational and management activities of the Association. Please, contact Lola Lhamo Contact Us

Though donations keep the work of Association alive, for us the most important is the value created by all sound healers and sound scientists worldwide and shared with community via education and research. We are happy to support you in reaching people and appreciate your support in any form.


The Full Membership is available for Vibroacoustic Specialists and those who are just starting to discover the benefits of the VA Therapy. It gives the following benefits:

  • For all: Follow the news and announces, latest scientific research and know about events happening worldwide via the VA Therapy Newsletter
  • For all: Possibility for early booking at events organised by the Association, and additional discounts for tickets
  • For Specialists: Bio on the website with your story and contact details
  • For Specialists: Possibility to share your events and publication with the world via our website, newsletters and social media (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn)
  • For Specialists: Possibility to use the logo of the Association in your events and certification programmes (after additional review of the programme facilitated by the Board)
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