This is standard Waiver which can be used by Sound Therapist for sound therapy session.


Sound Therapy, Sound Energy Medicine, Sound Healing with Himalayan singing bowls techniques  use sound, vibration, and intention to gently transition a person from his or her normal waking state of consciousness (beta) to a highly relaxed state of consciousness (alpha, theta and delta). In this relaxed state, a person’s own innate healing abilities are able to work more effectively to bring the person back into optimal vibrational alignment that enhances overall health and well-being. 

As as Sound Therapy practitioner, I am not a licensed health professional. As such, I will not diagnose, prescribe substances, perform medical treatment, or interfere with the treatment of qualified physician or other licensed medical professional. The services I offer are considered complementary to traditional Western medical practices.

Each session lasts approximately 60min. During this time bowls will be played to encourage a deep state of relaxation where a person’s own healing abilities may be activated. Please, note, that part of the session involves the placement of vibrating bowls near or on the body of which some give off very high or very low-pitched sounds. If you have reason to believe that these objects and the sounds they make may cause discomfort, pain, or injury, please, advise before the session begins.

Please wear comfortable clothing with no zippers or buttons, wear or bring warm socks, and remove jewellery. 


I have read and understand the above disclosure about Sound Therapy sessions as offered by ____ Your name. My signature further acknowledges that I shall not now or at any time in the future bring any legal action against ___ Your name, its volunteers/employees/affiliates in case of personal injury. I hereby release ___ Your name from any and all liability, negligence or other claims arising from or in any way connected with my participation in sound therapy.

Cancellation Policy: Please, give a minimum Of 24 hours notice if you need to cancel or reschedule a session. Otherwise full Service fee will apply.

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