Sound Academy Bali



Mama Bali blessed us, opening its gates to all its beauty, cultural and spiritual heritage, and community with deep roots.

We are honoured to share ancient SOUND & ENERGY HEALING practices in this sacred land, surrounded and nourished by the treasures of its nature and people.

It’s here where we can fully realize the role of a Human being the Bridge between the Sky and the Earth.

Experience with us ancient Balinese traditions of daily Gratitude Prayers to Heaven, Earth, and Ancestors, Mantras chanting, and Blessing Ceremonies with Fire (Agni Hotra) and Water (Melukat)…


We are conscious community of Light Leaders who carry Light Seeds via the art of Sound & Energy Healing. We unite musicians and healers who dedicated their life and soul journey to awakening people through Music.

We offer Sound & Energy Trainings and Retreats, which bring true change via reconnecting with harmonic resonance within, and prepare new generation of Sound Healing facilitators, who become true Creators of New Earth, sharing this resonance in their community.


Our SOUND & ENERGY HEALING TRAININGS are FULL IMMERSION RETREATS not only into the power of Sound, but also connecting with Balinese culture and its vibrant traditions, purifying and harmonizing energies of the rainforest, the ocean, and the waterfalls, creating a tapestry of experiences that resonate with the heart and soul, bringing profound life transformations.

Discover and learn the art and science behind healing with:

  • Himalayan and Crystal Singing Bowls
  • Tuning Forks
  • Medicinal Drums
  • Hand Pans
  • Power of Mantras and Medicinal Songs
  • Activate and Empower Your Voice
  • Inspire Your Community with Sacred Sound Space Holding, Heartful Ceremonies & Kirtans


We offer fully certified SOUND & ENERGY HEALING TRAININGS, focused on equipping you with all necessary tools in becoming Sound Therapist and be ready to start sharing around the world, bringing healing harmony to your community, and co-creating New Earth.

We have over 300 graduates globally, which integrate sound therapy in yoga and meditation classes, at hospitals, hospices, charity organizations for children, elderly, disabled and military, centres for post-traumatic support, in Reiki, Acupuncture. and massage therapies, for healing and wellbeing. Most of our graduates are professionals working as psychotherapists, counsellors, yoga, mindfulness and meditation teachers, Reiki energy healers and massage therapists, sound artists, and some people just learn for self-healing and healing their family.

During each training we offer free participation in Sound Healing course for Balinese community in gratitude for treasures they share.



2 Days Immersion into Science of Chinese Medicine and Healing with Tuning Forks

AcuPoints for self-healing and healing others

Tuning Forks individual and group healing

Integrating Tuning Forks in Sound Baths with other instruments


2 Days Immersion into The Magic of Harmonic UFO.

Techniques and Practices

Integration of Hand Pans into Sound Baths

2.3. DRUMS :

2 Days Immersion into Vibrant Rhythms of Drums

Healing with Medicinal Drums

Healing with Jembe

Integrating Drums into Sound Baths

5 Days Immersion into Mantras, Medicine Songs, and the Art of Holding Ceremonies and Kirtans


Lola Lhamo

Founder of Sound Energy Medicine Practitioners Association and QUANTA Bio-Energy Centre (London, UK), and global platform for Creators of New Earth. Ambassador of Conscious Leadership.

Musician and Healer, initiated into Tibetan Nyingma Buddhist Tradition & Buddhist Mind Yoga, built Stupa of Enlightenment at Roerich Museum. Received transmissions from Tibetan Lamas, Sanatan Dharma with Sri Aurobindo community, Hatha, Kriya, Nada and Bhakti Yoga with Indian Yogis, Energy Healing with Javanese Mystic Mbah Muryono Mas, Daoist Medicine. Sound & Energy Healing from Li Shifu (Five Immortals Temple, Wudang, China). Student of Balinese Priestess Mama Ati.

Teacher of Yoga (500h), Qi Gong & Tai Chi, QUANTA Energetics (Reiki, Meditation, Breathwork), Spiritual Coach.

Lola’s intention in holding space is to bring the experience of wholeness, awakening to true essence within.

Susanne Anaya

Meditation Teacher & Sound Healing Facilitator. Artist by heart & craft, Susanne gave up a successful career in the international fashion industry & metropolitan lifestyle to listen to her inner voice, retreat into nature and deepen her path into Yoga, Meditation. and Sound.
Already as a child, Susanne was soaking up the wisdom of meditation practices, as these formed a part of her mother’s daily practice. Her love for sound and energy healing were also very present and later in life she actively and playfully started exploring these realms for her beneft..
Susanne explored different yoga, tantra and meditation techniques and traditions,
studied with renowned teachers and now shares sound healing & meditation to connect people to their true nature. Meditation taught Susanne how to listen within, to trust her feelings, body and intuition. It helped her to embody self- love and live a life of purpose, joy and fulfllment, after a period of unhealthy, unhappy living in ways that didn’t spark her soul. It transformed her life and shifted her reality completely.
It is Susanne’s life’s work to pass on these powerful tools of awakening, and to create safe spaces for authentic self-expression, embodiment and healing so we may all step into our full potential and experience the blissful nature that is inherently within.

Purnama. Devotional Singer-Songwriter and Indigenous Wisdom Keeper.

As a daughter of the Balinese jungles and the Swiss mountains, Purnama is an embodiment of the beauty and power of diversity. Her life’s passion is to unite people and empower through the universal language of music, and cultivating spaces that serve as sanctuaries for authentic expression, liberating voices and hearts alike.

A descendant of Balinese priests and temple-keepers, Purnama infuses her art with the ancient wisdom of her ancestors, while also drawing inspiration from the vibrant tapestry of cultures that she has experienced across the world, and Mother Earth herself. With her voice and prayers, she has graced stages alongside popular kirtan bands and medicine musicians, such as The Hanuman Project and Kailash Kokopelli.

Purnama’s songwriting is a reflection of her soul, her songs serving as a bridge that connects people of all backgrounds and cultures in a shared experience of beauty, love & devotion. Reminding that magic lies within us all, and how we can create a more connected and compassionate world with the power of music.

“In my workshops & events, I teach the Balinese traditions in an understandable way to foreigners.
Through this, I also shed light on ancient indigenous wisdom & timeless philosophy of the island that can benefit many Westerners.
I believe we can all learn from each other, and a balance between the worlds is necessary for us to rise into a prosperous future.”

Reach Lola Lhamo if you are not in Bali LhamoLola @ gmail . com WhatsApp +44 7757093532

Or Susanne if you are already in Bali: +62 812 3676 6486 LichteneggerSusanne @ gmail . com