Case-studies and Reviews from Sound Therapists, graduates of Sound Energy Medicine course

From Nao

Adrian. F : It was my first time to try singing bowl sound therapy, so i did not know what to expect. I ended up having such a DEEP relaxation and peace with myself, and left the session fully energized!  My mind is usually constantly busy, I tried all sorts of things to switch it off, but this therapy just did it ! Thank you, it was incredible! Definitely want this again.

Mari. T: The sound of the bowls,  went straight into my mind and body. I felt very emotional and started crying, something i held onto for so long, got released. This was a true therapy for me. I feel like a different person before and after the session.  Light & happy.  I feel so positive. I needed this.  Thank you so much! 

From Samantha Regen

That really was incredible, thank you so much. 
I felt great during the entire session. I think it was a very powerful alignment. 
Afterwards I didn’t really feel different in my body so much, so I thought I’d do a headstand to see how I felt, and then had the urge to try scorpion,, which I’ve never been able to do… ever. So I tried and just jumped right into it and held for 5 seconds!! I still can’t believe it! … I hope this lasts!