Currently we offer certified educational courses to become Sound Therapist in London, UK, and by request in Europe, Asia, and USA

The courses are usually held in London (Woods Green, N22), at QUANTA Centre, at retreat centres, or at your location by request, don’t hesitate to contact us

Upcoming events:

It will take you 2 days to complete Level 1 course, usually held on the weekends (16h). On completion of the course you will be fully certified to start practicing immediately, both for healing yourself and other people.

Level 2 is optional as provides more advanced techniques for leading Sound Baths, based on sacred geometry, as well as you will discover more about the Voice Therapy and learn Overtone chanting.

Level 3 is dedicated to the power of Mantras and Bhakti Yoga and will give you skills to lead Kirtans (heartsongs gatherings).

We organize these courses worldwide – do get in touch to learn about other locations.

We also offer individual courses, please, request.

By many requests we developed ONLINE Courses – please, see details here.

Please, contact Lola Lhamo by LhamoLola @ Gmail. Com or +44 7757093532 to confirm your interest or book directly via the booking form on page of the course.

PASSED events 2015-2020:

Multiple Certified courses Sound Energy Medicine, Sound Therapy & Vibroacoustic Massage with Himalayan Singing Bowls (Nada Yoga) (focus on anatomy, physiology, science of sound healing), held in the UK, Europe and USA.

Certified course Himalayan Singing Bowls РHealth Practices of the Himalayas (focus on subtle body and chakras)