2021. Level 1. Sound Energy Medicine & Nada Yoga. Sound Healing with Singing Bowls

Certified by Sound Energy Medicine Practitioners Association

Course Introduction

Learn ancient Energy Medicine techniques of the Himalayas – sound healing with Himalayan Singing Bowls, and latest science behind vibrational and sound healing. After completion of this course (theory, practice + providing your practice sound healing session video for individual review) you will be fully certified to become sound therapist.

Powerful ancient science of healing with the sound and vibration has long and incredible story. For many centuries the monks, the doctors, the shamans and common people of Japan, Bhutan, Nepal, India, Tibet have been using the bowls for healing the body and the soul, for meditation and sacred rituals. They believed in special powers of the bowls, which were the medium between themselves and cosmic consciousness, some practices were secret and were shared only between the monks and the shamans.

The sound and vibration are powerful ENERGY MEDICINE.

Sound Energy Massage with Tibetan Singing Bowls has healing impact on many levels:

~ Physical body: deep vibration releases the tension of muscles, massages the organs; sound containing binaural rhythms balances nervous system, rejuvenates the brain, the stress and anxiety dissolve, sleep improves. Sound Therapy is now being implemented for post-traumatic work at hospitals and even military organizations. It has been confirmed that cancer cells shutter after resonance therapy (see Dr Holland research on our page Science).

~ Energy body: combined vibration and sound release emotional tension and blocks, purify subtle energy channels and the energy field blueprint, rejuvenate the DNA structure (your information hardware). After sound healing both patient and therapist feel deeply relaxed and happy, many state feeling of joyfulness and “reconnecting to inner child”.

~ Cosmic Holographic Blueprint: by opening your energy channel with sound and vibration you can experience spiritual awakening, union with universal consciousness and can heal yourself with new pure energy through your open energy channel, also triggering personal transformation.

On this course you will discover:

  • the history of the bowls and their role in the Himalayas
  • the impact of Sound Energy Medicine on body and mind
  • foundations of energy healing, practices from sacred yogic texts and neuroscience
  • the techniques of self-healing and healing other people with the bowls
  • the science behind healing with vibration and sound, the latest scientific research in the area of sound energy medicine
  • how to integrate singing bowls into yoga & meditation classes, Reiki, massage therapy, psychotherapy, working with adults, elderly and children

You will learn the following Sound Therapy Techniques: 

~ Self-healing with the bowls, 

~ Using the bowl for personal meditation

~ Sound Energy Massage with the bowls, 

~ Sound Bath for Chakras Balance

~ Sound Bath for 5 Elements Balance, 

and obtain necessary skills for one-on-one sessions and leading group Sound Baths, as well as  integrating Himalayan and Crystal Singing Bowls to meditation and yoga classes, Reiki, other massage therapies, psychotherapy and counselling, work with elderly and children.

This unique therapy stayed hidden for many centuries, kept sacred in Buddhist tradition of healing and enlightenment.

Food for thought: in Buddhism Maitreya, the Buddha of the future, can be translated from Sanskrit as Harmonic Resonance…

The science started to research the impact of vibration and sound on human in XIX century, Einstein, Tesla all believed in incredible power of vibration and resonance, later few scientists were able to shut cancer and leukaemia cells in human body with the resonance. See more at our page Science

Himalayan Singing Bowls are becoming more and more popular in recent years with Tibetan lamas travelling the world, and yogis incorporating the bowls into group meditations.

This course will cover several powerful sound and vibration healing techniques:

~ Foundations of Energy Medicine, energy healing

~ Sound Energy Massage with the bowls – when the bowl is in placed on the body of the patient

~ Sound Energy Bath: Balancing Chakras Massage with the bowls

~ Sound Energy Bath: Balancing 5 Elements Massage with the bowls

~ Integration of practice with the bowls into yoga & meditation classes

The Programme of the course. Key topics

~ Foundations of Energy Medicine. History of the bowls. Science about the vibration, sound, frequency and resonance. Quantum and field theories and their correspondence to sacred knowledge in Sutras. Practices to activate healing potential and transform consciousness. (part of QUANTA Energy Healing)

~ Sound Energy Medicine with the bowls: the impact of the bowls on physical and energy bodies, channelling, connecting to healing energy.

~ How to choose the bowl for yourself. Simple techniques of handling the bowl (striking, stroking, turning the bowl, moving the bowl from hand to hand while it sings)

~ Self-healing with Singing Bowl. Meditation with Singing Bowl.

~ Traditional Tibetan Energy Protection ceremony.

~ Technique of Sound Energy Massage with Himalayan Singing Bowl, indications and contra-indications for the therapy, case-studies. Integration to meditation & yoga classes, Reiki and other massage therapies, psychotherapy and counselling. 

~ Understanding Chakras – energy centres of the body. Mantras & postures for activating and purifying chakras. Chakras in classic yoga, Tao and Buddhist traditions.

~ Sound Bath 7 Chakras Balance technique

~ Understanding 5 Elements composing the Universe and our body.

~ Sound Bath 5 Elements Balance technique

~ How to lead Sound Baths. Integration of Himalayan Singing Bowls to Yoga & Meditation classes, other massage therapies, Reiki, psychotherapy and counselling, work with elderly and children.

See detailed Course Syllabus below…

Need some help? Contact Lola Lhamo by yoga@lolalhamo.com

Course Instructor

Lola Lhamo Lola Lhamo Author

The course will be lead by Lola Lhamo, yoga teacher and energy healer with over 15 years experience, the founder of the Sound Energy Medicine Practitioners Association and QUANTA Energy Healing programme.

Lola has deep connections with Tibetan Buddhism and yoga from childhood, she helped in building Buddhist Peace Stupa at Roerich Museum, travelled to India and Nepal to places of powers with Tibetan lamas, participated at Congress on Psychology and Spirituality in India. Lola has learned the techniques of working with energy, sound and vibration from Tibetan lamas and also by practicing with other masters of Yoga, Qigong, Nada Yoga, and Energy healing.


You can enrol into the Course by choosing 2 options of participation:

£200: Option 1. Course without Certification

£250: Option 2. Course with Certification

Option 3 is for those in need of financial support, payment by installments £66 * 4 months

All options include lifetime access to online course material (theory + practice videos). Options 2 & 3 include cost of session of certification.

Certification. To be certified as Sound Therapist and start professional activity Lola has to see you practicing. To become certified you may either:

  • Attend half-day live course in London and practice with the group, or
  • Submit your video of sound healing session to Lola Lhamo for review, or
  • Schedule one-on-one Skype session where Lola can observe you practicing giving comments

Course without Certification


Lifetime access. This option is for those who is interested in learning Sound Healing for themselves without official certification. It’s possible to purchase Certification option later for £70.

Course with Certification


Lifetime access. This option includes course with session of official certification.


per month for 4 total payments

Installments payment: £250 to pay in 4 installments during 4 upcoming months

Course Programme

Please, see all Lessons of Course Programme below. First 3 Introductory Lessons are free and include BONUS Video on How to choose singing bowl for sound healing practice.


Course Material to download

Introduction from Lola Lhamo

Chapter #1. Foundations of Energy Medicine (QUANTA Energy Healing)

Chapter #2. Science behind healing with vibration and sound. Case-studies

Chapter #3. Historic heritage and origins of the bowls. Types .

Chapter #4. Techniques of handling the bowl. Sacred symbols.

Chapter #5. Integrating Singing Bowls in meditation and self-healing

Chapter #6. Contraindications and legalities

Chapter #7. Sound Energy Massage

Chapter #8. Sound Bath techniques

Chapter #9. Sound Healer Code of Ethics and 8 Limbs of Yoga

BONUS. Full Moon Sound Bath with Lola Lhamo


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