Sound Energy Medicine Practitioners Association

Sound Energy Medicine Practitioners Association (SEMPA) has been created with a mission to bring more awareness about the healing power of sound and vibration and provide unique platform for integral education in sound therapy.

Our activity is dedicated to offering education in sound energy medicine, merging ancient knowledge and latest scientific research, uniting sound therapists, sharing latest publications on sound healing, organizing public events, and facilitating scientific studies.

At the moment we have over 300 graduates around the world, which integrate sound therapy at hospitals, hospices, charity organizations for children, elderly, disabled and military, centres for post-traumatic support, in yoga and meditation classes, Reiki and other massage therapies, for healing and wellbeing of community.

Most of our graduates are professionals working as psychotherapists, counsellors, yoga, mindfulness and meditation teachers, Reiki energy healers and massage therapists, sound artists, and some people just learn for self-healing and healing their family.

We hold certified courses monthly live and online in London and Bali, and by request around the world. Please, see all scheduled Courses below.

Upcoming Live Sound Therapy Courses in London:

LEVEL 1: 21-22 Oct 2023

LEVEL 2 : 4-5 Nov 2023

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Join recorded Online courses here if you can’t participate in live courses.

Become certified Sound Therapist

Certified by SEMPA

Live in London

21-22 Jan 2023, 9-6pm

Day 1. Nada Yoga & Energy Healing Foundations. Spiritual Practice & Science behind healing with sound and vibration. Sound Energy Massage technique with 1 master bowl

Day 2. Chakras & 5 Elements. Two Sound Bath techniques with 5 & 7 bowls. Holding Sound Healing Space. Ethics & Legalities of Practice. Q&A

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28-29 Jan 2023, 9-5pm

Live in London

~ Deep dive into Sacred Geometry of the Universe, Human, and Sound

~ Advanced Techniques of healing with Vibration and Sound.
~ Harmonics: the healing power, the science behind harmonics. Sacred harmonics in Shamanism, Tantra, Nada Yoga & other traditions. Harmonics for Meditation & Healing. History of Sound Harmonics’ perception throughout centuries.
~ Power of Voice and Chanting. Chanting in various sacred traditions. Tibetan Chanting practice, purifying energy centres. Overtone chanting. Mantra power.

~ Qi Gong and QUANTA Healing practices for inner power and peace, purification and protection

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Videos from recent courses