Voice Empowerment

We offer Workshops and Educational courses dedicated to Empowering Your Voice and free expression of your heart through singing.

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Upcoming Events

Incredibly beautiful souls: shamanic voice activator and alchemist Yin Ling and multi-instrumentalist and music producer Joel Beauchamp are coming to London from Bali, invited by Lola Lhamo and SEMPA to share their gifts with our community.

They prepared several events for you to discover the power of your voice and sharing shamanic healing with Blue Lotus, as well as heartful Cacao Ceremony and Kirtan!


Several events with incredible musicians for activation of your Voice Power


Sept 23, Fri, 7.30 – 9.30PM
LONDON, Retreat Space N22 8DH

The Blue Lotus is a deeply mystical and complex medicinal plant – with stories of the ancient Egyptians and its use woven into its magic – highly relaxing, said to create beautiful dream states, along with a myriad of physical benefits – we bring the magic flower from Bali to your doorstep.
Join us in magical ceremony and multi-instrumental Shamanic Sound Journey to the dream realms with Vocal Alchemist and International Sound Healer Yin Ling and multi-instrumentalist and producer Joel Beauchamp.
An experience not to be forgotten .


VOCAL LIBERATION 1 Day Retreat to Empower your Soul Voice

With Vocal Alchemist Yin Ling and Multi-Instrumentalist Joel Beauchamp of Secret Moon, coming all the way from the sacred island of Bali
24 Sep, Sat, 10am – 6PM, LONDON, Retreat Space at N22 8DH

Unleash your birthright to song and unfetter your expression through this immersion deep dive into Vocal Opening, Activation and exploration into your Sacred Voice

Your voice is your ultimate vehicle to manifestation, creation, connection, purpose and joy – join us in this thoroughly musical and hands-on 1-Day to embody the geometry of sound and the power of your voice.


Reclaim the joy of using your Voice to Sing and fully Express your Soul with this 1 Day Vocal Deep Dive.
Receive critical technical learning and incredibly-held transpersonal development to Sing your Soul Voice and inhabit your musicality and expression in the world.
For beginners and intermediate singers alike – from psychological breakthrough to performance coaching – we will get you Enjoying your Voice in a way you have not experienced before.
All of the heart and substance, none of the fluff.

What to expect

In this 1 Day Immersion, receive:
~ Foundations of Breath
~ Vocal Anatomy and Understanding the Voice and Vocal Instrument
~ Chakra Toning and using the Voice with the Energy Body
~ Shamanic Sounding and Chanelling
~ Geometry of Sound – Foundations of Music – Melody, Rhythm, Harmony
~ Feel the Flow – Vocal Improvisation and Skills Building
~ Soul Song Initiation Ceremony
~ Personal Vocal Coaching
~ Mantra, Heartsong and Medicine Song Teaching

SCHEDULE OUTLINE (Subject to the needs of the group)

1000 – 1030: Opening Circle and Sharing
1030 – 1100: Warm Ups and Breath Foundations
1100 – 1200: Vocal Anatomy Masterclass
1200 – 1245: Improvisational Vocal Play and Skills Building

1245 – 1345: Lunch Break

1345 – 1430: Geometry of Sound – Foundations of Music – Melody, Rhythm, Harmony
1500 – 1600: Soul Song Initiation Ceremony
1600 – 1700: Individual Vocal Coaching + Mini Presentation
1700 – 1800: Mantra, Heartsong, Medicine Song Teaching


“I took Yin Ling’s Voice Intensive because I knew I had a fear of singing in front of anyone – I wouldn’t even do karaoke. Little did I know that this course would be healing in so many ways. I found my voice, brought love to the parts of me that didn’t feel heard or seen, and transformed something so deep inside of me. Best part? I got to heal with a community of amazing, supportive humans who created such a safe space for me to express my truth. I now have the courage to sing in front of others and it’s so liberating. I honestly would recommend the voice intensive to anyone who wants to discover a new side to themself” ~Y Garzia, US

“Thank you so much for the weekend. It was a truly magical experience with you and Joel. I am still in a little shock from such a wonderful connection all weekend. See you on the next one! Ps. I can’t stop singing! “ – Alice Readman, UK
“Such a beautiful and transformative weekend. I cried all the way on my ride home last night, so much was released.” ~ Josefine Sjostrand, Sweden



Sept 25, London, 6-8pm, Retreat Space N22 8DH

Join Yin Ling and Joel in a night of devotion singing sacred names, mantras, heartsongs and songs from the forests, raising frequency of inner being and the planet

No singing experience necessary, just a heart of openness and joy.

Chanting of these ancient mantras and syllables is said to have immense benefit to the spirit and being and practice of communal singing is one of humanity’s oldest salves and medicines, with incredible psychological and physical benefits.
Ceremonial cacao will be served as a heart opener and celebration – closing the evening will be a moment of facilitated sharing and connection to bring us closer into the community of harmony.


If you have any questions about the events or booking, please, contact Lola Lhamo by WhatsApp / Telegram in Bali +6281239177823 or by email LhamoLola@gmail.com


Secret Moon is a progressive folk singer/songwriter duo birthed in Bali – their music handles deeply spiritual themes with a distinctive folk-rock sound at once lyrical, ecstatic, theatrical and heartfelt.

Made of Joel Beauchamp (Canada) and Yin Ling (Singapore), the duo met playing at adjacent Sound Healing Pyramids in Ubud, Bali – their individual life stories intertwined and their romantic connection blossomed into a musical collaboration. Joel’s decades long musical passion in the Toronto punk and metal scene, his deep dive into yoga, spirituality and Indian classical music meet Yin Ling’s personal journey of vocal unfolding and dedication to the power of sound for healing, including multiple shamanic initiations.

Featuring haunting, powerful and distinctive vocals, virtuosic finger-style guitar and just the right amount of lyrical flair and musical spice – Secret Moon’s sound is a blend of the wide and eclectic musical influences from Indian classical to experimental Metal, to Kate Bush and beyond – with a powerful message of emotional truth and the complexity of the darkness and light of the human journey.

Secret Moon’s sound is powerful and evocative. They launched their Debut EP ‘Floating Medina’ to a sold-out 200-person crowd at PARQ Ubud and have been featured at Bali Spirit Festival, Cities of Well-Being Festival, Akasha New Earth Haven and more.

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