Julija Ivanova (June)

Julija Ivanova (June)

My name is Julia or June if you like, I’m a 400h certified Yoga Teacher and Sound Therapist. 

I would like to share a little story about my journey with you.

I have lived in London for over 7 years. Being part of the corporate world, I have worked in multi million companies. Deep inside I was dreaming about following my dream to become a free spirit, and escape the office. In 2018 I have quit my job, packed my backpack, moved my stuff to my parents and left the UK for good. Ever since I feel happy, free, connected to the universe and my true self. 

I am on a beautiful journey of life, and I would like to invite you to do a step towards your freedom, self discovery and peace, through the magic of sound therapy.

I have received my first teacher certificate in Rishikesh, India (Dhyan Mandir Ashram), so I teach classic hatha yoga. When i say yoga, I mean yoga as life, not only limited by asana practice, but rather conscious living, helping others to connect to the source.

Originally I am from Latvia, however, the UK has become my second home. My aim is to help others find a balance between their bodies and minds in this fast-paced, unpredictable, crazy, but yet beautiful world. I also aim to empower, uplift and inspire a wellness lifestyle.

Please check my website for inspiration of healthy living, you will find healthy recipes, hatha yoga sequence, pranayama techniques, health and wellbeing news and more. 

Web: https://sleepyogarepeat.com

Instagram: @sleepyogarepeat

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/sleepyogarepeat