Milena Szabo

Milena Szabo

Access Bars practitioner and Sound Energy Massage practitioner.

I’ve been always on the quest to find my inner balance, find the way back to mySelf, to the Source. Always drawn by the Eastern culture, I have been close to energy flows. I’ve learnt Tai Chi, Falun Dafa, reiki and I’m a Feng Shui consultant.

Using singing bowls for meditation has been part of my life too, but I had never thought of sharing my knowledge with the public until 2017, when I became an Access Bars practitioner. This awakened me to the fact that it was time to combine and use all my skills and knowledge to help others. I found that I’m the happiest when working with singing bowls, and so, I decided to combine all my skills to become a massage therapist. My previous knowledge helps me to show you possibilities and through the sound and massage you can be rejuvenated and healed. The sound of the bowl heals your soul, the massage heals your body and together we could find your way back Home.

Contact: 07510 061355


Address: Hampton / London as well as Kecsked / Hungary