Lola Lhamo

Lola Lhamo has connection with yoga, sound and energy healing from childhood. Life brought her meetings with wonderful teachers, and after 25 years of practice she created LHAMO Yoga & Sound Energy Medicine education programme, integrating Himalayan Hatha & Kriya Yoga, Pranayam & Meditation, Yoga Nidra and Sound Bath with Singing Bowls, Taoist Qigong & Yin Yoga, Tao Cosmic Healing and Buddhism Mind Yoga, QUANTA Energy healing programmes.

The yoga Lola shares is focused on bringing the experience of wholeness and giving practitioners invaluable long-lasting healing skills which are easy to develop and practice at any time of their lives.
Lola shares energy healing and leads yoga classes in the UK and around the world. She also organises group yoga sessions in unusual locations – so, stay in touch!

Lola touched upon Singings Bowls when she met Tibetan lamas in 2008, while helping in creation of Enlightenment Stupa at Roerich Museum, and during her travels with Lamas to Buddhism sacred places in India and Nepal, immersed into studies of Buddhist Mind Yoga. Enchanted by deep effect of the bowls she considered this instruments sacred and believed for a long time, that no-one, except lamas, can touch singing bowl for practice. With time she learned the techniques of working with the bowls and received knowledge on energy work.

Lola founded Sound Energy Medicine Practitioners Association to bring together all the practitioners of sound therapy, organise education events, yoga and sound festivals, and assist in leading more scientific research in this area. Several scientific research have been already organised at the Academy of Science, the results are always shared with course participants.
Lola teaches at her LHAMO Yoga & Sound Energy Medicine centre in London (Woods Green) as well as travels around the world.

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