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Thank you so much for being part of our online Sound for Peace Festival 2020!

We’ve received so many Thank You and kind messages from our audience, and as a gratitude gift we would like to share all the recordings of the Festival with our Community, our Sound Family.

We hope you will enjoy this with your family and friends! Get yourself comfortable and do use the earphones for better sound quality 🙂

We are grateful for all donations, which will be going towards recording the DVD/flash-drive of the Festival’s sound healing sessions, which will be distributed among NHS and hospitals in the UK and Europe, to support the doctors and the patients. Thank you to all of those who already donated!

Big love from all of us!

Lola Lhamo. Connecting to Higher Self. Healing Light Circle for the Earth and Humanity

The Sound Shift. Almira Alidon and George Hammond-Hagan. Sound Bath for Inner Peace and realigning to present moment

Sound Bath and Meditation

Interview with George Hammond-Hagan

Saffie Dee. Yoga Nidra. 3rd Eye Activation with Light. Meditation and Sound Bath

Angelica Vasquez. Space Within (Akasha) Meditation and Sound Bath

Sound Bath with Angelica

Interview with Angelica

Vanessa Naumann. Letting Go. Opening Heart Meditation and Sound Bath

Sound Bath with Vanessa

Interview with Vanessa

Liis Oruste. Sound Bath for deep relaxation

Sound Bath with Liis

Interview with Liis

Susanne Lichtenneger. Light Language and connection to innocence. Meditation and Sound Bath

Closing the Festival. Light Meditation with Lola Lhamo

Sound Healers sharing at the Festival

All sound healers as part of their spiritual journey completed Sound Energy Medicine course at SEMPA (Sound Energy Medicine Practitioners Association), which organizes this Festival regularly to share healing power of sacred sound with the world.

Lola Lhamo
I would like to share 2 sessions:
1. Connecting to Higher Self to stay in pure mind and body, and channeling Healing Light to humanity from Light circle together with you
2. Connecting to Inner Child for self-healing

Lola Lhamo is the founder of Sound Energy Medicine Practitioners Association (SEMPA).
Lola has connection with yoga, sound and energy healing from childhood. She was blessed to study with Indian yogis and Tibetan lamas, and after 25 years of practice created LHAMO Yoga & Sound Energy Medicine educational programme, integrating Himalayan Hatha & Kriya Yoga, Pranayam & Meditation, Yoga Nidra and Sound Journeys, Taoist Qigong & Yin Yoga, Tao Cosmic Healing and Buddhism Mind Yoga, and QUANTA Energy Healing.
Lola founded SEMPA in 2013, believing the sound to be the medicine of the future. She teachers Sound Energy Medicine courses.
Almira Alidon
George Hammond-Hogan

The Sound Shift session:
In this short Sound Meditation we bring you a moment of pause to realign with the present moment, focusing on breath and deep listening.

The Sound Shift is here to help you move into the spaces sound and meditation can open up – stillness, clarity, wellbeing, full mind/body/energy experiences. When modern life has us going at full speed, we need to set our own pace and find our own rhythm to live our true vibration. Join the shift.
IG: @the_sound_shift
Vanessa Naumann
My session is open to everyone. I like to start with a short meditation to drop into the present space before I share some sounds and vibrations of singing bowls, xylophone, and chimes.
Once the sound comes to an end I bring everyone back through breath and slow stretch. We’ll close the session with a few takeaways that can be integrated into daily practice.

Hi, I’m Vanessa. I’m a sound therapist working with low-frequency sounds and vibration as a tool to help you reduce stress, overcome insomnia, support natural pain relief, and provide a gateway to meditation and self-reflection.
I want to make sound therapy accessible to everyone as I believe that learning to tune in and listen is the single most important skill we could develop to see ourselves and the world around us more clearly, take better decisions and be more present in our life.

More sound bath videos:
Saffron Dee
30min yoga Nidra meditation and golden light visualisation, 
accompanied by singing bowls and chimes

Yoga is my medicine, it heals my mind, body and soul.
I began practicing yoga and meditation 15 years ago in difficult time in my life. It wasn’t an instant fix, however it did something incredible to the function of my brain and nervous system. I remember thinking something that can affect your emotional well-being on such a profound level must be magic and I wanted to share this medicine with as many people as possible.
I have been teaching for 10 years and yoga still amazes me every day.
I’m in London, England and you can contact me via email or Facebook.
Nhóm Facebook 
Liis Oruste
• Set your body into a cosy nest laying on the Earth. Cover yourself to keep warm as the temperature of your body is likely to drop. If you have something to cover your eyes with, it may feel good to use it.
• A good quality sound system or headphones are recommended for this sound journey. Consider the most appropriate level of volume for the vitality of your body.
• Breathe and relax into stillness.

• Liisbeth, a Sound Energy Medicine and Tibetan bowls massage practitioner, a cyclical wisdom yoginī and a certified nutritionist from Estonia. The emphasis of her work is on facilitation of practices for body awareness and profound connection (body, mind, emotions, spirit) via nutrition, lifestyle improvements, cyclical wisdom for women, breathwork, sound healing and bowls massage.
• Currently in Estonia, Liisbeth is offering 1•1 sessions for bodywork, sound massages and counselling locally near Tallinn.
Online sessions are available for all. Contact her if you are willing to always feel home within yourself. 
• Email:
• Facebook: Liisbeth Oruste
Angelica Vasquez
This is 15 min meditation that combines breath-work, visualization and sound bath. The intention is to create space in the mind and in the body and connect with the element of Akasha. Hopefully it will also bring the feeling of contentment and inner joy.  

I am Angelica, I consider myself a grateful and joyful being. I do my best to share the feeling of contentment through Yoga classes, Sound Healing, Breath Work, Meditation and Qigong. I design nourishing sessions, for the body, mind and spirit.  

Currently living in Spain – La Herradura – Granada
Instagram: @theyogaloveaffair
Facebook: angelica vasquez yoga

Susanne Lichtenegger
Sharing Sound journeys ( sound trained by harmonic sounds) and Various meditation Techniques, sharings influenced by osho & oneness academy.

living in Bali,
Instagram: @susilichtenegger

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