Level 2. Nada Yoga. Sound Healing with Singing Bowls


3-4 October 2020, London, N22 8DH, Woods Green, Lhamo Yoga & Sound Energy Medicine centre

Recommended only for graduates of Level 1 due to more advanced techniques are delivered.


Sacred Geometry of the Universe, Human and Sound. Advanced Techniques of healing with Vibration and Sound.

~ Harmonics: the healing power, the science behind harmonics. Sacred harmonics in Shamanism & Tantra. Harmonics for Meditation & Healing. History of Sound Harmonics’ perception throughout centuries.

~ Power of Voice and Chanting. Chanting in various sacred traditions across the world. Tibetan Chanting practice, purifying energy centres. Overtone chanting. Mantra power.
Level 2 is for those willing to dive deeper into harmonics and sacred geometry of sound, human being and the universe, the power of mantras healing, voice and overtone chanting.
The graduates receive:

4 more complex Sound Bath techniques ~ practices for individual internal energy work, transforming energy body into sacred geometry mandala: Healing Harmonics, Sri Yantra ~Pentagram~Merkaba, Enneagram 4th Way, and Tree of Life,

Overtone chanting as voice therapy, and Mantras to activate inner powers

QiGong practice to release tension in the body after any massage therapy or intense yoga practice, practices for energy protection.


London: £250

Payments are non refundable, if for any reason you can’t attend, however you can participate in another course at a later date.

Bowls will be available for practice and purchase, and if you have your bowls – do bring them to charge with the energy. You can view all Singing Bowls for sale HERE.

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Om Shanthi ~